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February 05 2018


I've been trying to add and update this site for weeks without success. Soup is just ridiculous these days. So, unfortunately I am having to say goodbye. Thank you to everyone who made this place such a great place to be. I will be moving to a new home on the web with new inspiration and new insight, so I hope to share that with you soon.
With love and gratitude,

January 19 2018

You won't regret it.

This man's voice is just pure heaven. No, really. Put on some good headphones and prepare for an eargasm.
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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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January 01 2018

Happy New Year!

What a fantastic way to start the new year - with new APC! Love, love, love. It's going to be a great year.

December 24 2017

December 20 2017

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December 19 2017

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November 23 2017

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I am SO very thankful for him. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

October 18 2017

New A Perfect Circle - I just know this had to be MY birthday present. ;)  Can't wait to hear this live in November.

May 29 2017

I was SO stoked to get to go see one of my fave bands, Tool, in Fairfax on May 24 at EagleBank Arena.  What an incredible night! You can check out their performances (aka the entire show) on YouTube. Have to say I loved every flippin' second! Going again to see them in Shittsburgh here in a few because.... uh, needless to say... MAYNARD'S voice! :)

May 19 2015

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May 06 2015

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